Sustainability - we show responsibility

Healthy living, healthy housing: Sustainable furniture stands for a consciously ecological, responsible attitude to life and is much more than just a furnishing trend. By opting for low-pollutant, durable sofas, beds and armchairs when designing your living space, you are not only helping to ensure that people and the environment are treated more fairly and resources are conserved - you are also doing yourself some real good! A healthy lifestyle is not limited to food, but also to clothing and furnishings.


Think and act sustainably

Our responsibility for sustainability stems from our attitude as a company to achieve lasting improvements for people and nature. The resource-conserving use of our planet is a matter of course for us, so that our actions go far beyond compliance with legal standards. 3C stands for sustainable thinking and action.

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Climate neutral

We can proudly say that we have been awarded as a climate-neutral manufacturer (on balance sheet and through CO2 certificates) by the DGM. Our actions are always oriented towards the careful use of resources in order to protect and preserve the livelihoods of people, animals and plants. At 3C, sustainability is not just an advertising promise - the development of sustainable products is a matter of course for us.


As a climate-neutral manufacturer, we strive to use as few resources as possible. To ensure this, all upholstered furniture is tested according to a defined test procedure and only leaves the company when the quality claims have been confirmed 100%. In addition to the inspection of the products, the test procedures are also subject to constant control, because only then can we constantly improve the quality and protect the environment.


3C stands for regionality: We mainly work with suppliers in the direct vicinity of our sites in order to reduce CO2 emissions and ensure stable supply chains. Furthermore, we are committed to promoting regional business locations and creating jobs.


Where technology permits, we incorporate e-cars into our fleet and also provide e-charging stations at all 3C Group locations. Sustainable power supply is of high importance in all corporate divisions and is continuously reviewed with regard to the latest technologies.


More than 200 employees have the opportunity to work from home. This reduces fuel consumption and Co2 emissions. The 3C Group has created an infrastructure in which employees can switch flexibly between office and mobile working, so that they can select the working location individually to suit their preferences.


At 3C, we treat our planet's resources responsibly. That is why we actively deal with recycling and reuse. In addition, the material consumption of our upholstered furniture is constantly controlled, because we do not want to consume more than we have to.


Digitalized processes create transparency, reduce paper, relieve employees and sustainably promote economic growth. With our paperless offices, we also want to make our contribution to environmental protection in administration.

Resources Saved

In 2022, the 3C Group was able to save around 2,485 tons of resources and more than 258 tons of greenhouse gases by recycling old electrical equipment, plastics and paper. However, we consider ourselves obligated to the environment to continuously increase the savings through recycling in order to burden the planet as little as possible.